Saturday, July 14, 2012



THUNDER MOUNTAIN FLEET SERVICES,INC., had our Truck back to us by 10 AM.  They did a great job.  We can understand why UPS and FED-EX uses them to service their vehicles.  We highly recommend them to anyone who RV's, and has a mechanical problem while in the Cody, Wyoming area.  They also, graciously, provided round trip drop-off and pick-up service for Russ, from our
RV Park.  It was such a relief to know our brakes would be functioning properly, when we drove to
Jackson, WY, a distance of 179 miles, over more steep and curvy roads like we had experienced on Monday.

US Hwy 14/16/20 West took us to Yellowstone National Park, by early afternoon.  By 2:40 PM, we stopped at the Fishing Bridge Visitor's Center for lots of helpful information about getting the best out of our visit in the area.  When we exited, while I was taking a restroom break, Russ saw several folks running down a path with their cameras.  He got his camcorder, and was able to capture some good footage of a Buffalo that had rambled across the trail, and was now having a late lunch on some of the grass near the Visitor's Center.

I did not want to miss the opportunity for some up-close pictures, so I headed over in the same direction.  This is the best I could do without endangering myself and the camera.

I like the other pictures I took later in the afternoon as we continued South  toward Jackson,
in Yellowstone National Park.  At 3:22 PM, we reached an elevation of 7,988 feet, and crossed the Continental Divide.    Twenty-seven miles later, we left Yellowstone, and by 4:12 PM, we were entering Grand Teton National Park.  The mountain views were beyond awesome, and we stopped
often to take pictures.

What a feast for our eyes.
This is the Grand Tetons
I remember from my 1971 trip,
with my kids.  I can remember praying then,
that I would have an opportunity to see
them again.  God has answered my prayers.


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